Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Washing Krakatoa

It’s truly incredible how much washing two small people generate. More than their own bodyweight in washing every single week, I reckon, and twice that if they’re ill and puking up regularly.

My wife and I feel like Mr and Mrs Twanky or Mickey and Minnie mouse in laundry based version of Fantasia. Every time we do a load, there’s another two loads to do.

The washing line in constantly full; the ironing pile grows like Krakatoa; and on those rare occasions when our lives aren’t accompanied by the thump thump slurp slurp wheeeeeeeeeeee soundtrack of the washing machine in action, we feel like we’ve gone deaf.

The cracks are beginning to show.

The plastic pegs on the line have started becoming brittle and snapping. They weren’t designed for industrial use.

I spent several hours of last weekend ironing. Ironing! This from a man who did no ironing ever before he got married.

Most worryingly of all, the washing machine is making a bid for freedom. It has broken free from its moorings and is heading across the kitchen floor at the rate of about 1cm a week. I think it’s hoping we won’t notice.


Blogger Jaws said...

LOL it never ends till they are gone. Wait till they are 5 and 7 and desided they need to change their clothes 3 times a day.

3:55 pm  

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