Monday, August 22, 2005

Like A Pig

We’ve been to a lot of farm parks recently. Maybe too many. Jack was at a play group recently and saw a mother, breastfeeding her second child.

Jack walk straight up to her, pointed at her and said: “Like a pig!”

It could have been a nasty moment if Jack hadn’t gone on to explain:

“Saw a pig yesterday. On a farm. Eating mummy milk.”

A little education is, indeed, a dangerous thing.


Anonymous Lily said...

Sweet and funny. Jack will like this book comparing the way in which various mammals suckle their young. I read it to my young class. Teaching assistants and parent volunteers are often embarrassed. Not the children. Feeding Babies (Picture Puffin S.)
~Chiyoko Nakatani
Paperback - 32 pages (31 March, 1983)
Puffin Books; ISBN: 0140503811

I found your children's book choices interesting. Lily

9:03 pm  

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