Thursday, September 15, 2005

Take Your Head Off

Jack has invented a new joke. In the bath, or sometimes when I am carrying him, he'll suddenly put his hands around my neck, pull upwards and say: "Take your head off!" I tell him it doesn't come off and he tells me the same thing again: "Take your head off!"

The first time he did this it was such a strange idea I found it hilarious. Consequently it has become a running gag and we both find it very funny.

Sometimes he's only after a digit: "Take your finger off!" he says, pulling it hard enough to hurt.

I note it here not because it's cute child behaviour, but because I wonder where on earth he got the idea from. It's really quite marcabre, when you think about it. Tim Burton stuff. And this from a boy who cries when Pingu gets lost in the snow!

Anyone else out there had requests for decapitation?


Blogger Dan said...

That's a pretty funny photo.

12:56 am  

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